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Your Dark Side

The Hidden Power of your Darkest Corners – Shadow Work

Do you ever behave in ways you don’t like? Do you explode in anger? Burst into tears? Or, do you ever feel that if anybody knew the ‘real you’ they wouldn’t like you? Do you ever have the feeling that you are a fraud?

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Personal Mastery Self Development Course

Stop being your own worst enemy!

 Change your brain. Change your thinking. Master your life.


Anger & Mood Control
Emotional Resilience
The Practical use of Mindfulness

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Shadow Workshop

Shadow Workshop

During this powerful workshop you will discover valuable tools to create a heightened sense of emotional balance and perspective within yourself, your life and the world around you,

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Mindfulness Course

Unique 8 week Mindfulness Course in Woking and Guildford, Surrey. MBCT based course, with breathing and guided meditations for confidence and health.

Self Development Workshops

One Year Self Development course for individuals and practitioners. Woking and Guildford, Surrey. Full Course Outline, small group, highly recommended. Testimonials.

Confidence and Self-esteem – Workshop and Talk


This is a live, interactive talk. If you would like this talk at your group or event, please contact me – it will be my pleasure to serve you.

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