Thank you to everybody who has taken the time to let me have their feedback and testimonials!  I am honoured that you shared some of your personal journey with me.

DISCLAIMER! All of the people who have left testimonials have worked hard on their own growth and the results are a combination of  a) their willingness to change / heal  and b) some effective techniques along with personal support.

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Personal Mastery Course

“The Self Development / Mindfulness Course run by Gayle, was a safe and compassionate environment in which to reflect upon thoughts and perceptions that make us see the world that we see. So often we react to stuff and situations without much thought as to why we do so. Gayle’s thoughtful and thorough presentation of the course material and gentle and often funny insights have made it a wonderful year of non-judgmental self discovery.” (Nic, Solicitor, London)

This course delivered exactly what it said it would!

As a Therapist it was good to be reminded of several psychotherapeutic models I was familiar with, but were the most recent versions. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Course and found the Myers-Briggs Personality Profiling to be extremely useful on both a personal and professional level. I can thoroughly recommend this Course! (Judith, Therapist)

“I have really enjoyed this course because I am finding out so much more about myself . I am so much more aware of why I do things and I understand other people better. The meditations have been very useful and I’ve really enjoyed them! Gayle is so enthusiastic and passionate about it all, which is infectious and makes the course extremely enjoyable. The personality profiling has been an eye opener! I like that we have explore many different angles to our self development. Even though I have always thought I was an open person, I discovered there wee still a lot of beliefs that didn’t help me. Having gone through this course, I am more compassionate with myself and other people. I have learnt so much!!” (Jess, Manager)

“The course is amazing, so much information put across in such a short space of time, the recent psychological profiling was an eye opener and I believe could be an amazing intro to your course in future.

All of what has been done has expanded my understanding ten fold and I strongly recommend it to anybody interested in wanting a condensed but highly intense understanding of the inner workings of the mind. light and love. Ian” (Business Owner, Middlesex)


‘Since I started seeing Gayle two months ago my life has improved dramatically. My self esteem & self confidence (which were low) have both skyrocketed solely thanks to her help and advice. I now am a far more confident person, believe in myself much more and finally also believe that I am a good looking guy who is worth loving, which I did not believe for decades, as even though rationally I knew that was the case psychological scars from the past did not let me believe it. (Anonymous)

Thanks to the self confidence and self esteem that Gayle has given me everything is improving in my life: I am getting better and better at my job, the relationship with my family has improved, real friends which I had lost contact with have suddenly reappeared in my life and have shown their appreciation for me, and I have finally met someone who just likes me for who I am. (Anonymous)

I also followed Gayle’s advice regarding dairy products and since I have stopped having any on my diet my anxiety has completely gone. Before I was feeling anxious all the time, and specially after any meals. Now I always feel very relaxed, no matter what I eat or drink, and this has hugely improved my quality of life….I have never been so happy in my life, and it’s all thanks to Gayle…

I recommend Gayle to anyone who wants to improve his/her life as she is the most helpful & wise person I have ever met and she always knows how to make things better no matter what the issue is: emotional, psychological, food related or anything else. Do yourself a favour and go to see her as soon as possible as your life will improve from the first meeting with her. She is absolutely fantastic. ‘Juan


“Gayle is great to work with, an excellent listener she really understands her clients needs and offers what she states. Working with Gayle is like a breath of fresh air as she offers tools to assist day to day management of ones self. Gayle is a great coach and role model, immersed in personal and professional development she has a lot to offer and share.”

“As always thank you so much for todays session – brilliant!!! You make so much sense – it would be great to carry you around with me!” (Tracey)


I cant find the words to say how much you have changed my life for the better and that there aren’t many people in our lives we can say that about. God Bless”(BM)

Hey Gayle, Just a quick email to let you know that I have been feeling great since we met!! I’ve stopped doing ALL my habits and am focusing on bring aware of my body as much as possible. I feel so much more relaxed in myself too which is wonderful.I hope you don’t mind but I’ve passed your details on to 3 people as I’ve been raving about how good you are! A, Guildford, Surrey

Gayle, I just wanted to say a massive thank you again for the way you’ve helped me over the last few weeks and showing me brilliant ways of addressing life’s ‘little problems’. You have opened my mind and I feel like a different person. I’ve enjoyed every minute, be it via counselling, texts or emails!! I will always be grateful. Thank you. PH, Surrey

Confidence and Relationship Break Up

“My friend ‘T’ came to see you last week and she’s already feeling better which is great! I also recommended you to my friend ‘A’ who you’ve also helped – I always feel comfortable recommending you because you’ve made such a difference for me in the past.” Emily.


“I want to say thank you so much for the last session. The experience I have had was like a kind of revelation. I have come to you with the statements such as ‘I am so tired with any obvious reason’, ‘Some of my old beliefs are coming to the surface and I do not know why’ etc., and it ended up with something unexpected to me. The statement ‘I have right to be free. I AM free’ was the key.

I really hope that you would understand what I am trying to say. I am so grateful to you. You were leading me throughout the whole session with such professional skill that it was amazing experience for me.

All in all, the result was obvious the very next day. When I pressed the Send button to forward my first ‘No’ text message to S, my heart trembled for a moment because my old beliefs tried to resist. For such long time I was listening him telling me in different ways that I did not deserve this or that, that I was incapable, whatever I did was not the right way… Due to that, I started thinking that I should’ve been grateful to him for almost everything he would do for me. Oh, dear… What a burden it was… And, now, I am free… I AM FREE!!!”(Jasmina)

Relationship and Conflict

“I genuinely mean what I’ve said about how you’ve helped me in these past 16 months …i finally have begun to feel and believe that I’m a good person, something up to that point in my life i could never have allowed myself to do. I don’t feel dependent on you as I have in the past with other therapists and again you have helped me feel that I have got the resources and resilience to cope. Without your help and guidance i would still be seeing myself in a negative light. Whereas in the past I felt crappy 80% of the time now its only 20% of the time and then I try to feel my feelings without drowning in them and using the cognitive skills you’ve thought me to work things out for myself.

We are getting on a lot better. Effective communication was key and your explanation on how to do this was brilliant. I’ve been reading the literature you recommended. Its good to look at things from a different perspective. Also knowing you are there is a huge comfort. Thanks! R, Middlesex

Anger Management

Thank you for helping me unlock whatever it was causing my destructive behaviour. When i talk about the past now i do see myself as being someone else, which i know isnt true physically, but is definitely true mentally. MB, Berkshire

Relationship Counselling

I used to think that I knew myself pretty well, I was quite convinced of that. I approached Gayle, after she helped out a friend of mine and I can’t begin to tell you how many things I found out about myself and the way I was unconsciously sabotaging my personal relationships as well as my career. What’s even more refreshing is the diversity of training that Gayle has had and which she applies in her work. Gayle takes a holistic approach, treats you as an individual rather than putting you in a box, and is an exceptional teacher and mentor. It feels like she was put on this planet to help people live more fulfilling lives, it’s clearly her calling and I can’t even imagine where I’d be without her. Gayle I really can’t thank you enough. AA, London

Anonymous says:
14/09/2011 at 4:34 pm(Edit)
Gayle changed my life, her techniques works wonders and the results are instant! Highly recommended!

The following testimonials have been copied across from the old website.

Confidence Hypnotherapy and Counselling

I must say that the few sessions with you have been a tremendous help and I could not thank you enough for helping me to finally take a step towards my personal journey. Please continue doing what you do as you do make a difference to people like me! Arielle (Middlesex)

Confidence, personal growth and various combined issues

“Thank you so much for your help recently. Although I’ve only seen you twice, I can honestly say that I have felt much better. After the first session I felt that you were the right person to help me on my journey right now and I felt inspired, supported and more enthusiastic about moving forward in my life. After the second session, I felt so relaxed, hopeful and much more confident and positive. The deep relaxation and meditation we did together was amazing. I felt free-er than I have in a long long time and again, hopeful, positive and with a new belief that perhaps I CAN make things happen in my life and that I CAN be fixed, a new concept for me. Thank you for your care and consideration, your support and warmth and how you instinctively worked with me, to help me help myself”. Lou, Hampshire

Job interview

…the day went well for me and I did a good job of the interview, thanks to you! From B.D., Hampshire

Relationship breakdown and confidence

“I would like to thank you for all of your help and support over the past few months. I can honestly say that, with your help, I am now a much more confident, happy and ‘whole’ person. Not only has your counselling assisted with my private life, but it has also benefitted my business! I shall certainly refer you to my friends or colleagues should they need your help….. I only wish I had done this 20 Years ago”! DG, Hampshire.

Confidence, anger and guilt

Your sessions helped me to be more confident in everyday life. I’ve also realised that I am a good person and I like myself a lot more and I’m not stressed out any more. I now have the confidence to do anything, I feel I can talk to my parents a lot more and to people I don’t know, that makes me feel good about myself. BB, Fareham, Hampshire

Self-esteem and confidence – public speaking / social anxiety

PA said, after 2 sessions:

“Our sessions together have made a real difference. I was able to go to a large ‘do’ and I actually looked forward to it! What’s more, I enjoyed the whole experience. I speak up for myself and value myself a lot more now. I now just want to move forward. I have found a new perspective on life. Thank you!”

and later PA wrote:

“I had come to the end of the road but not the journey. There was no way forward and I could not stay put nor turn back. You helped me to close the map of the past and open a new blank page that I could fill without being hindered by the past. The future is mine and will be as I wish. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom when I needed it.” From PA, Hampshire

Self-esteem and Confidence after years of childhood sexual abuse

“A friend of mine recommended that I go and see Gayle. It took a long time to decide to pick up the telephone because I was really afraid of hypnotherapy. I had only seen stage hypnosis, and I thought it would be like that! I didn’t realise that I would be aware all the time of what was going on, that I would be in control and that it would be such a calming and lovely experience. Gayle made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I kept saying afterwards that I wish I had gone to see her long ago!

So if you feel like I did, don’t hesitate! I feel so good about myself now, and Gayle helped me to see things so much more clearly. Somehow it was really easy to forgive people who had hurt me badly in the past, and I never thought that would be possible! I am excited about moving on with the rest of my life now, without all that baggage! I think the most important part, for me, was finding that it was okay to forgive myself and that I wasn’t to blame for all the abuse. I have had counselling before, and it did help a little, but nothing like this! I just feel so free! Thank you so much, Gayle, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help, but I think you probably know! With love” From A, Southampton, Hampshire


Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

“Gayle just a quick note to say thanks for everything, I went on my holiday and the plane journey wasn’t a problem at all and the holiday was fantastic, many thanks once again.” Lee, Hampshire

The session was very helpful to me and I managed the flight very well, even though it was a bumpy one!!” From DK, Hampshire

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Heights

“I was amazed that after such a short session I couldn’t wait to go and find a balcony to stand on! I wish had known that hypnotherapy was such a relaxing and simple process years ago!” From G.K., Portsmouth, Hampshire

OCD and Anxiety

Thank you so much for helping me with my OCD. Once I took out the foods that we found were causing a problem, I feel so different and my anxiety levels have gone down a huge amount. I am sure that the behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy have helped a lot too, not just the food side. There is still a little way to go, but I think I am 90% better already, in less than two months. I look forward to going all the way! Thanks, Gayle! PK, New Malden, Surrey.

Anxiety and related IBS

“I am so pleased I came to see you. I have really valued your guidance and caring nature and appreciate all the help you have given me. Understanding my problems and where they stemmed from has enabled me to move onwards with a more confident attitude. I feel calmer, more in control and happier in general. Thank you Gayle! Best regards” From MK, Surrey

Anxiety and Blushing

“Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. Being able to control my blushing has really changed my life!” From HC, Surrey

Anxiety – stress related

“I find it difficult to quantify my progress in percentage terms, although if I had to, I would estimate a 95 – 100% improvement in my symptoms. I found the therapy to be incredibly relaxing and the techniques for allowing myself to retreat into a haven gave me a sense of well being from which I gained confidence in dealing with the problems in my personal life. The key for me was being encouraged and helped to practice the techniques myself at home, which I still find calming and liberating from the stresses that in some cases are still around me. Basically you enabled me to realise that I could and can solve my problems myself!” From PS, Eastleigh, Hampshire

Panic attacks / IBS

“I found the therapy I received from Gayle very helpful and was so pleased with how she was able to help me. It was more beneficial than I would have thought possible! I am very pleased to be able to recommend this type of therapy and would not hesitate to use hypnotherapy again. Carol. ” (Carol was treated for panic attacks using hypnotherapy, counselling and EFT as well as some nutritional guidance. ) Hampshire.

Stress and anxiety – physiological causes

“I came to see Gayle as I had bad stress and anxiety. It was making my life unbearable and with a baby on the way I wanted to sort it out, as I had lived with it for a couple of years. The course of Hypnotherapy helped greatly towards reducing the symptoms I was having. Gayle introduced other techniques such as EFT, which also helped. However, I think the thing that helped me most was the nutritional side of Gayle’s repertoire. She suggested an elimination diet to see what foods, if any, I was intolerant to. After going through this process I was amazed to find that I was intolerant to a number of foods. I have cut these out of my diet and now feel 100 times better. I believe without Gayle’s knowledge of nutrition and food intolerance my symptoms would have re-occurred. I am now looking forward to a happy and bright future with my family. Thank you Gayle.” From DF, Hampshire

Anger and irritability

I have been bad tempered and rude to my friends and family for so many years that I had no idea when it started. After one session with Gayle I could not believe the difference. I know I still have a long way to go but I woke today feeling like the old Patricia I knew many years ago. Gayle found things that I was not aware of had made me a bitter and disparately unhappy person. Its great to smile and be happy again. To joke with my colleague and not bite her head off. I can honestly recommend her. You too can change your life to a happier one as I did
Trish, Surrey

Anger and assertiveness

“Right from my first session I felt much better and more optimistic that I would be able to get the issues and feelings out of my head, which up until this point had seemed impossible. I was having an awful time (personal details deleted for privacy…)
I had lost all faith in human nature and I found it extremely difficult to trust anyone. The horrible feelings of anger and hatred weren’t getting any better and in fact seemed to be getting worse as time went on.

It was then that I decided enough was enough and I came along to see Gayle. I felt stupid, because other people experience far worse things than I had done and it felt like I was being stupid. The first thing that Gayle told me is that it’s all relative. Just because someone across the road has broken their leg, doesn’t make the scratch on my arm any less painful to me. This helped me to relax and concentrate on “healing my scratch”.

I’m not entirely sure what part of the therapy was most useful overall, whether it was the hypnosis, the “tapping” (EFT), or just chatting about it to someone not directly involved, but all I know is that I feel much better.

During the sessions, we discovered that the confidence problems really started when I was bullied at school. The hypnosis I believe helped with my confidence issues and whilst I’m still no ‘Miss Confidence’, I am now more able to stop blaming myself when something goes wrong and I’m less bothered if I believe someone doesn’t like me. Who cares? I know I’m a nice person and I also know that I would never hurt other people like they have hurt me.

I believe that the EFT tapping helped with the more specific things. It also really helped the pain in my shoulder, which hasn’t come back since (at least no where near as bad). I’m just pleased that I am feeling better now and my boyfriend and I are much happier together as a result. I truly believe that this is because of the sessions that I had with Gayle and I’m hugely thankful to her for all that she has done.Thanks again” – NT, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Anger and inner healing

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the profound difference you have made to my life. As you know, when I started therapy with you, I was weighed down by the baggage of my past. I was an intolerant, angry and resentful person, unable to forgive, and constantly dwelling on the negative.
You changed all that. Your calm patience and impartial understanding of my need to stay angry helped me to work through the pain. You taught me the advantage of forgiveness. You didn’t judge me! Thank you for that. The relief I feel is beyond words, all I can say is that I know you will go on to do great things.” From JB, Hertfordshire

Weight and confidence

“The nutritional advice was very useful and the blood sugar problem is now under control as long as I stick to the diet.” From Helen, Fareham, Hampshire

I feel happier with my food choices, content within myself, and it is like it is just the natural thing to do. I don’t feel as though I am ‘missing out’ on anything and food is becoming less of an obsession. It is like I have found some self-respect again. It is okay to like / love myself and do this for me.” EC, Portsmouth

“I feel so amazing. Thanks, Gayle. I like myself so much better. I don’t care if I only lose one pound a month! I know it is going as I make better choices and just feel so great about myself! You showed me what I really believed and how I could change that!”

Emotional Healing

“I have been amazed at how natural and beautiful an experience Hypnotherapy with you has been. Since my first session I have not been able to keep up with all the creativity that has been triggered off inside me! I now feel I know who I am. You took me so gently and kindly into a totally peaceful and relaxed state.

I never felt ‘taken over’, just enabled to be in touch with my own true feelings and to let my own subconscious show me the answers. I always felt totally safe and in control. Any reservations I had were completely blown away. I have discovered wonderful memories which I had completely forgotten and they have made such a difference. Thank you so much!” From RB, Hampshire

Feeling Stuck and unmotivated

Gayle, thank you for our session which was very powerful. My head feels so clear now and I have been in touch with my tutor and made a time-table for my studies. I feel determined to get it done and know that I will. I felt a very strong energy at work and I know I went to see the right person. It is good that you work with energies as well. I will keep in touch and let you know when I get my degree! RM, Kingston

A search for meaning

“Gayle is one of those rare people who have been put in this space-time to ‘teach’. There is only one condition for this: you need to be prepared to wake up! It is a small price to pay and well worth it.

You can take a walk in the woods and miss the beauty of the fallen leaves, or walk by the beach and not realize of the marvel of a sunset. There are plenty of occasions where the miracle of creation can be witnessed but you need to be awake !!!!

If you get into that state of mind, and are lucky enough to be guided by Gayle, she will take you to places that are there for you to be felt and appreciated.

I have had several contacts with her. She is the catalyst of dreams but she will only show you the way, you are your own teacher and the potential is within yourself. Let her show you the way !!!!!” From JD, Waterlooville, Hampshire

3 Comments on “Reviews

  1. I came to Gayle suffering from:

    • Long term depression
    • Post traumatic stress syndrome
    • Substance abuse & addiction
    • Relationship issues

    In just three sessions Gayle has managed to change my perspective from one of ”I can’t go on” to ”I have so much to do and can’t wait to achieve it!”

    This woman is truly powerful in her ability to enrich and enhance your perspective on any subject, thus in turn improving your quality of life.

    Gayle has many therapeutic disciplines under her belt and is adept at knowing which one of them will bring you the right results at the right time. Gail has often used up to 5 different methods with me in one session which I am sure is what has brought such fast results.

    The three sessions I have had with Gayle have also brought my substance abuse under control and I am now enjoying a relationship with myself that I thought would take years to achieve, and all in under 3 weeks!

    I cannot recommend Gayle highly enough, she is simply brilliant; a true talent in her field.

  2. Gayle is fantastic ! I totally recommend her. Just after one session of counselling already I felt my life turnaround and I started seeing everything in a new light – as if a veil had been lifted from my mind. You’ve helped me to be a much stronger, more confident person with the ability to see things in a different light and deal with them appropriately.

    Thank you so much!

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