Your Dark Side

Do you ever behave in ways you don’t like? Do you explode in anger? Burst into tears? Or, do you ever feel that if anybody knew the ‘real you’ they wouldn’t like you? Do you ever have the feeling that you are a fraud? (You’re not alone).

Shadow work is considered to be vitally important to discovering our wholeness. Let me explain how it works.

Many psychiatrists and psychotherapists have written about the ‘hidden’ or ‘dark side’ of our inner selves –  the part we deny, project on to others, refuse to look at. This is called the ‘Shadow’. I call it the ‘frogs in your box’.

The thought of going in to those dark spaces is enough for most people to choose a bed of needles instead.  Others can’t wait to uncover what is there and they queue up for shadow work – the ones who want to deal with their own ‘stuff’!

Over the years I have come to realise that all the work that I have done to heal myself, and the work I do with others is fundamentally about ‘Shadow’. I love to see the wonder on people’s faces as they see their ‘frogs’ in a new light and realise how easy it actually is. It sets us free.

As we become fully accepting of our own humanity, we also get along with others so much better.

Who knows? If enough of us do the work, we may even end up with world peace! But for now let’s just work on being happier, more content, more peaceful and, let’s face it, nicer people!

If you can’t attend, but are interested in doing the work here are some books you could read:

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