Mindful Parenting Course

Bagshot, Surrey

6 Week Course

Two Hours per week

See dates and costs below

Course Content:

Awareness of your own aims and goals:

Your Parenting Mission Statement

Awareness of children’s need for acceptance and approval:

Where things go wrong – criticism vs helpful learning

How to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk!

Awareness of Language:

The importance of each word, tone and volume

Awareness of Rules and Discipline

Attentive Attention – Praise, not pedestal!

Do we need rules, discipline and boundaries? Why? When? How?

Most Special vs Never Special – aiming somewhere in-between!

Awareness of Others

It’s great to be special, if others are special too!

Awareness of Temperament

Coping mechanisms – withdrawal, anger, aim to please.

Awareness of Individuality

The right to be. Individuation cannot happen effectively if the child is not ‘safe’

Awareness of Emotions

Helping children to manage emotions.

Awareness of Environment

How far do you allow ‘mess’? 

Forming good habits and making it fun.

Awareness of Time:

How we ‘unteach’ children Mindfulness! 

Techniques for learning and teaching more awareness!

And much more!…

When, where and how much?

Two hour sessions, once per week for 6 weeks

Cost: £180 per parent

Couples: £300 per couple

Next course starts: 14th April 2020, Tuesday, 10.30 to 12.30pm (plus optional 30 minutes chat time)

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