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2019 Personal Growth Course

A powerful course for Individuals and Practitioners


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Divorce Mediation or Litigation?


No matter how tempting it is to go head to head with your spouse in court, the outcome may not be what you want or expect!

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How To Rekindle Intimacy and Desire

I won’t kid you – intimacy is not easy to rekindle once it is lost, and certainly very difficult unless both parties are willing to make it work.  That is not to say it is impossible to seduce and rekindle your partner’s passion, but much easier if you work on it together.

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10 Rules for Attracting the Perfect Partner

Are you wondering what you are doing wrong? Do you feel like you will never meet the right partner? Or do you constantly attract the ‘wrong’ type of partner? Here are ten fundamental ‘rules’ (and one extra take-it-or-leave-it rule) for attracting the person you really want into your life!

Overcoming Self-doubt and Fear of Criticism

What others think

Is it important what other people think of you?

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How do I know if a Partner is right for me?


In this day and age of dating sites (or candy stores, as some people call them) singles have more choice in choosing a partner than ever before.  Have you been caught up in the pick ‘n mix and unable to make up your mind, or been disappointed over and over again?

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How to Recognise Unsafe People

Psychopath, sociopath

What are ‘unsafe’ people? They are people who repeatedly break hearts, ruin trust or undermine confidence and they usually arrive unsuspectingly.

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The 5 Love Languages – Do you and your mate speak the same ‘language’?


If you sometimes feel that although you ‘know’ your partner loves you, they don’t seem to show it, then perhaps you are not listening to them in the right ‘language’. Or, if it’s the other way around and you feel you show your partner love, but they say they don’t feel as if you do..

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