Mindfulness, Bagshot

So, what IS Mindfulness?

‘Mindfulness’ is a great buzz word going around these days but most people think it is about being ‘peaceful’ or ‘meditating’ or ‘living in the now’.

It is true that Mindfulness helps us to be more present, however it is not quite the same as meditation, even though often the results are the same – peace of mind!

In my humble opinion, many mindfulness teachers do  not fully understand the difference. When I see jokes about mindfulness, they almost always show misunderstanding. They show pictures that are clearly about meditation (an only certain types of meditation). Facebook posts are the same. For example I will see a picture of a meadow and the caption “a perfect place to practice mindfulness” – well maybe, but really, the perfect place to practice mindfulness is in your office, on the way to work, on the train, in the middle of a stressful conversation – some place where you need to take control of your thinking and master your mind.

In a nutshell:

Mindfulness helps you to be more in control of your life

Mindfulness is the cognitive awareness of what is happening in our minds, bodies and environment in a way that puts us into conscious control of our thoughts and behaviour. It literally retrains the brain so that we are able to respond rather than react on auto-pilot.

Our brain changes itself based on our experiences, and therefore, by changing our experiences we can actively reshape our brains. One way to consciously change our experience is to learn how to apply mindfulness. (Other ways are through hypnotherapy, targeted visualisations and cognitive therapy).

UCLA psychiatrist Daniel Siegel states that Mindfulness helps us to be more flexible in our responses. We are, therefore, able to be more flexible in our decision-making, and how we choose our experiences. In short, it puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life!

Mindfulness enhances the quality of your life

A recent study showed just 8 weeks of mindfulness training increased the brain’s capacity for learning, memory, self-awareness, compassion and introspection. Participants reported significant reduction in stress. Mindfulness has also been proved a powerful aid in treating Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Emotional Distress.

You will feel SO much better about yourself

Our mission is to get you believing in yourself and becoming the powerful person you were meant to be in all aspects of your life.

 Mindfulness Training

Is Mindfulness religious or spiritual?

There is nothing religious about mindfulness or meditation, and nor is there anything about it that isn’t perfectly in line with every spiritual or religious teaching!

Some people have told me that it sounds like something ‘spiritual’ and therefore not what they are ‘into’ whilst others have said ‘it sounds like New Age stuff. The truth is, that ‘mindfulness’ is not something that you can put into a box or classify. It is like saying that ‘being’ or ‘existing’ can be classified, because that is what mindfulness is – it is about being in a state of mind that is present and aware – it is about living in reality instead of the stories inside your head!

Mindfulness-based programmes are now being offered in many diverse contexts and with diverse populations, including clinical, education, social care and business.

Mindfulness Courses – Individual and Group Sessions. Bagshot / Woking, Surrey.

The 8 Week Mindfulness Course can be taught in workshops, one to one, or even online.

Why attend a Mindfulness Course?

The most important reason to learn mindfulness is to become the master of your own mind! It helps you to turn mental and emotional chaos into clarity. There has been a ton of research showing that Mindfulness and Meditation (they often go hand in hand) helps to overcome depression and anxiety, and increases confidence. Mindfulness certainly helps us to cope with life in a way that is consciously responsive instead of emotionally or unconsciously reactive!

However, learning to be mindful and living in the ‘Now’ (a-la The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle) is not all that we teach on our Mindfulness Courses, and my Mindful Self-Development programme teaches you to realise what is actually going on in the process of what you are reacting or responding to. You learn to observe your own mind and choose your responses with awareness.

Mindful Awareness helps you to ….

… experience life with exquisite vividness.

… learn how to ‘Just BE’ (It really is possible).

… recognise unhelpful thinking patterns and untangle your mind.

…relax and find inner peace and calm.

…increase energy and enjoyment of life.

…alleviate anxiety and panic disorders.

…cope with stress.

…make better decisions.

…increase your capacity for learning.

…increase self-awareness.

…improve your memory.

…increase compassion and empathy,

…Deal effectively with Emotional Stress

…help in the treatment of depression, chronic fatigue, and many other ‘dis’eases.

From my perspective as a therapist, coach and trainer, my aim is to help you to live a more peaceful, fulfilled and satisfying life, increase your confidence and self-esteem, build healthy relationships, and most of all, learn to be at peace with yourself.

Mindfulness Course

What you will not find in my Mindfulness Courses or coaching:

The course is based on giving you an understanding of why Mindfulness works, how the mind works, and how you can use these skills in your daily life.

All too often I have clients who have attended a long ‘Mindfulness’ Course, only to tell me that they have no idea how to put their learning into practice when stresses and strains seem to shunt them from pillar to post in everyday experience. So while we will do all the exercises in a standard Mindfulness CBT Based course, we will also take time to make sure you are able to practically apply what you are learning.