‘Mindfulness’ is the buzz word that’s already going stale – and many people don’t understand it, although they think that they do! Do you think it is about being ‘peaceful’ or ‘meditating’ or ‘living in the now’? Well, kind of..

It is true that all of these things are elements of mindfulness, but there is so much more. Mindfulness, done properly, is about being self aware, training your brain and controlling your own thoughts. 

In a nutshell:

Mindfulness is about being aware of your own mind!

It is the art of knowing how your own mind is affecting your experience of life.

Mindfulness enhances the quality of your life by putting you in control.

You will feel SO much better about yourself when your mind is no longer controlling you.

There is nothing religious about mindfulness or meditation, and nor is there anything about it that isn’t perfectly in line with every spiritual or religious teaching!

All too often I have clients who have attended a long ‘Mindfulness’ Course, only to tell me that they have no idea how to put their learning into practice when stresses and strains seem to shunt them from pillar to post in everyday experience.



I no longer offer group mindfulness courses. Mindfulness is a foundational part of any work we do together. As a personal mentor and coach I am better equipped to help you achieve mindfulness through working personally with you.