Personal Growth

Self Development

Would you like to learn the most tried and true principles that really do help you to help yourself? Would you like to be more effective in communicating, relationships and even helping others?

Coaching and Courses for Self Development and Personal Growth

Do you suffer from anxiety?


Worry all the time?

Would you like to be more effective, chilled and at ease?

Would you like to cope better with life’s ‘curve balls’?

Over the last thirty or so years I have successfully worked with thousands of people and I have learned that there are certain fundamental principles and certain highly effective techniques that if everybody knew and practiced, would change the world!

I would like you to benefit from the learning and experience of not only myself, but the distilled and integrated teachings of the world’s most effective self-help teachers over time.



Increased ability to master your own mind, actions and reactions!

An understanding of The Power of Belief

Increased Self-Confidence

Increased Self-control

Emotional Understanding and Control

An understanding of the Power of Language

More effective Communication

Better Relationships

Stronger Boundaries

Increased Respect and Self-Respect

More effective Motivation

Increased success in work and career

Deeper understanding of self and others

What it WILL do, is help you to cope with the ups and downs of life, to change what you can (effectively), to live with what you can’t change (peacefully) and to walk away from what doesn’t serve you (guilt free).

Watch your thoughts, they become your words.
Watch your words, they become your actions.
Watch your actions, they become your habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.


Transpersonal psychology is a model  of continuous growth. Even the most well-known ‘gurus’ in the world know that life is a continual growth process, and continue to practice and learn principles for living a fulfilling life.

So why not CUT THROUGH THE AIRY FAIRY Hype out there and GET REAL practical tools, techniques and truths to help you to:

Become more emotionally intelligent

Increase your own self-worth and confidence levels 

Learn from your emotions

Change your habits

Let go of Negative habits and build positive ones that become automatic.

Tap into your full potential.

Build strong relationships while still being true to yourself.

Understand yourself and others at a deeper level.


Discover why you do what you don’t want to do and don’t do what you do want to do

(And know what to do about it)

Personal Mastery Course  details 

The mind is a wonderful slave, but a terrible master!

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” (Leonardo da Vinci)