Stop Smoking using Hypnotherapy and EFT

Want to quit?

Do you wish you could give up smoking (or another addiction) right now?

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to QUIT your addiction – Forever! – but you can get MORE than that

Most smokers who want to quit smoking consciously know all the reasons for giving up smoking, and may even have a smoking related illness, but something keeps telling them that having another cigarette is fine or that they can give up ‘later’. This “voice“ comes from the unconscious part of the mind, which has been ‘programmed’ at the first experience of smoking when the conscious mind began to believe that there was a benefit to being a smoker. Usually this is ‘fitting in with the crowd’.

Despite the fact that smoking is now becoming quite anti-social, this original learning remains in the subconscious mind.

By using hypnosis we can re-educate the unconscious part of the mind about smoking, changing those earlier beliefs at a deep level with logical and true information about the smoking habit, its cost, health risks, anti-social nature, and the effects it is having on the individual’s life and the health of those around them.

Most people who want to quit smoking have tried many different methods and have found that wanting to quit smoking and being able to quit smoking are not always the same thing! Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

As an ex-smoker myself, I can sympathise with the person who wants to quit on a conscious level, but is fighting some deep-seated root beliefs. Despite all their attempts they find themselves lighting up again – “just one last one…” – and again “when I have finished this pack ..” and so it goes.

While many people believe smoking is a physical addiction, there is no real proof of this – only assumptions. The fact that people can easily go for many hours without smoking, don’t get withdrawal symptoms, and can even forget about smoking all together in the right circumstances (e.g. on a long flight), seems to show that the mental addiction / habit is far stronger when it comes to smoking. It is this mental craving for cigarette smoking which has to be addressed.

Together we will look at all the reasons you smoke, what you like about it, why you want to quit smoking, and the benefits of becoming a non-smoker. You will leave my office as a non-smoker, not a smoker who is quitting. There is a big difference!

Hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet and does not interfere with your freedom of choice. Just like a young teenager who has never smoked, and finds the taste horrible but chooses to push through and smoke anyway, you are always at liberty to change your mind. Your free choice and intelligence are not tinkered with!

There are many people who have successfully quit smoking after hypnotherapy, (or, indeed, other methods), but have made the deliberate choice to start smoking again. As one client said to me “I quit smoking through hypnotherapy six years ago. I can hardly blame the Hypnotherapist that I decided to take it up smoking again after six months!” When I asked what made him decide to become a smoker again, he said “I decided that I liked it and that I didn’t care about my health. Now I do, and this time I won’t make that stupid mistake again! I guess I was going through a period when I just didn’t care. I realised that I had made a deliberate choice to be self-destructive.”

I hope that my smoking programme ensures that you won’t make dumb choices like that, but I can’t guarantee what you will do with your life.

A success rate of this programme is very high, and most new clients are recommended to me by previous clients. The challenge to want to quit, however, remains yours. It is your life – do you want to continue on a self-destruct mission, or do you choose a clear head, health and (dare I say it) to just smell a lot better! Not to mention the money you are happily burning.

If you could picture that money going up in smoke, would you light the fire? If you could start your life over, would you choose to follow the crowd again? Do you think that smoking is somehow ‘different’ (think again!), or that you are being a ‘rebel’ (how so?). Examine your beliefs about smoking and you might be very surprised to find that there is absolutely *nothing* that you like about it!


ALL clients learn an effective technique to deal with cravings for cigarettes or other forms of smoking e.g. roll-ups or even marijuana, on their own using EFT, and I will also deal with any side issues at the same time e.g. lack of confidence.

I ask all clients to arrive at my office craving for a smoke, for their addiction – so that I can show them the effectiveness of the EFT and take that craving away instantly!