Is Private Therapy only for the Rich?

Counselling discounts

I wish everybody could afford private counselling and therapy …

I wish the world worked differently. I wish it wasn’t true that complimentary health and some advanced ways of counselling are not available on the NHS. I wish money came easily to all of us.

I wish it wasn’t true that only those who can afford it can have private counselling and therapy.

Sometimes I need therapy myself on this issue. I find it quite agonising.

I preach ‘accept what is’ and yet in this area I flounder myself. I want to change the system, make it different, but I can’t.

What I can do:

So my way of doing what I can, and accepting what I can’t change is to:

a) Discount sessions where I can. It is important that you get the help you need, especially if you have done the NHS run-around and found it hasn’t been enough. Or are tired of waiting on long waiting lists when you need help NOW. We will discuss a fee that you can reasonably afford.

b) Find sponsors where possible. Sometimes there are kind souls who will sponsor a client – they are heavenly angels and we need more of them.

What you can do

a) Consider what is really important to you, and what you are prepared to invest in your mental and emotional wellbeing. In other words, prioritise!

Dean Richardson puts it this way, which I thought was quite thought provoking.

“It can be helpful to remember that counselling is a temporary essential expense – not a luxury – and if you are thinking about me giving up a proportion of my fee, you must also think about what non-essential expenses you’re prepared to give up”

b) Ask! Don’t be scared to ask for a discount. I would rather you had the help you need than go without it for whatever reason.

Become a Sponsor

If you have read this far, it could be that you, too, deplore the situation where so many people are struggling mentally, emotionally and with their life circumstances but can’t find the help they need without MONEY.

Sometimes my clients have a family member or friend who sponsors them, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those people. Mostly people just give up and don’t even ask.

There is not much I find distressing, but when people tell me that they “can’t ‘take advantage’ of me” and attend a free or nearly free session, and I KNOW that they are living on the breadline, often struggling with a system that makes them feel as if they are the lowest of the low just to be able to get a little help, it hurts my soul. Usually I will work with a person like this for free, but they are proud. They hate it, and they pretend they are well when they aren’t. They stop coming, they don’t phone when they are desperate, they suffer in silence.

I have, very occasionally, found a true angel who has offered to sponsor one of these people. It is surprising but true, that when I tell them that they have an angel sponsor, they are more willing to accept the gift. They want to know that I am not sacrificing for them, but that it is coming from a source that can afford it. I can understand that. They don’t want charity, but sometimes they just have to take it.

Are you one of those ‘angels’? If so, please get in touch and I will let you know how it works so that you are kept fully informed (with full consideration of confidentiality issues).

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