Personality Profiling

Myers-Briggs, Motivational Gifts, Love Languages and other personality profiling tools, I will help you to understand and love your personal differences!

Psychometrics is a huge subject, and a personal hobby which I have been studying for over 40 years (yes, I am that old!)

If you have worked in the corporate world you may have attended a workshop based on the DISC system, or even Myers Briggs Profiling. Do you remember it? Did you get anything out of it? I hope so! Sadly  I have noticed over many years of conducting these workshops that few people actually remember what they learned! I hear people all the time saying something like “Uh… I did that… I think I’m a E…N…uh…D? I don’t know what that means … ”  However, I also notice that when they have been to one of my psychometric workshops they want more, and gain real insight into themselves and others.

There is no point in a workshop that isn’t going to produce results! My workshops will help you to hone in on what is really important. We all know that some people are ‘people pleasers’ and others are ‘nerds’ or some other basic personality type. You don’t need to be a psychologist or psychometrics to tell you what you already know! When you meet somebody and describe them later, you do your own form of ‘psychometrics’ – you will say things like ‘she’s the noisy, talkative type’ or ‘he is a real go-getter’.  What is the point in a system that tells you only what you already knew?

What you really need to know is where areas of conflict arise, and how to communicate with people who process information and time differently to yourself. You want to know WHY they don’t see the world the same way that you do. It will help you to communicate when you understand how their brain works, how they take in and process information.

I will help you and your team to avoid conflict, communicate effectively and efficiently work towards shared goals.

It goes without saying – we are all different!

How we perceive, process and ‘file’  information, affects our decisions, relationships and communication in profound ways.

Why do some people need company while others don’t? Why are some people so difficult to understand or to explain things to? Why do some people just not seem to value your time? Why do some people seem so controlling? Is that person really loud and obnoxious or are they just being true to their personality and unaware of how they affect the quieter types?

These are some of the answers that will help you to understand yourself and others in ways you thought you knew, but didn’t!