Personal Mastery Self Development Course

Stop being your own worst enemy!

A powerful course for Individuals and Practitioners

Anger & Mood Control

Emotional Resilience

The Practical use of Mindfulness in every day life

Communication and Conflict

Resetting Unconscious Reactions

Unmasking the Shadow 

Setting Your Boundaries

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Integral Life Centre, 44 High Street, Bagshot, Gu19 5AZ

Certificate of attendance for CPD if required

Gayle’s knowledge and understanding have helped me to see how I have made myself more angry, upset and frustrated through my own thinking. I’ve stopped blaming and started to gain better control over my relationships.

(NC, Entrepreneur, London)

What this course will cover:

Unmasking the Shadow 
  • What you see in others is about you!
  • Disproportionate emotions reveal your dark side  (your box of frogs!)
  • Shadow work helps you to turn your  “box of frogs” into a treasure chest!
Personality Styles
  • Kersey-Bates / Myers-Briggs / Jungian personality styles
  • Motivational Gifts – we all have gifts that are innate within us.
  • Love Languages
  • Brain Dominance – The BTSA Method and how it ties in to above.
  • Understanding all of these will help massively in dealing with relationships.
Why conflict occurs
  • …because you aren’t always right! (Seriously. It’s true.)
  • Brain dominance and how it creates chaos in relationship
  • Levels of Development (The Trump factor!)
  • Other human differences which matter
Mastering your Brain
  • Mindfulness is about controlling your thoughts (It is NOT meditation!)
  • How you create your own suffering
Why you lose control and how to gain it back
  • How the ‘pain body’ is formed 
  • Chemistry, emotions and thoughts 
  • Examining limiting beliefs, unmet needs, and other unconscious stuff.
How to deal with criticism and conflict (without losing your cool!)
  • Patterns of self-sabotage and disempowerment
  • How we disempower ourselves and get the opposite result to what we really want
  • The three most important questions you will ever need to ask yourself
  • Why what you think you want may not be what you really want
Why you can’t trust your thinking
  • Expectations vs Reality
  • The importance of questioning your thoughts (We will use The Work, by Byron Katie)
  • Does it mean what you think it means? Are you sure?
Communication styles and how to get what you really want
  • How mindful listening and mindful speaking empowers you
  • Why conflict avoidance makes things worse
  • Transactional Analysis – a communication tool that works and how to use it
  • How to deal with uncomfortable emotions
The STOP Process – how to reset your unconscious reactions
  • The need for a crystal clear vision of who you you want to be, and how to use it

(This is a unique process I have developed and refined to combine both the conscious and the unconscious mind to work for you, not against you.)

Taking responsibility for your happiness – How the Law of Attraction really works, and why it often doesn’t work!
  •  The purpose of pain
  • Prioritising and setting your intentions – are you asking for the right things?
  • How to be a vibrational match for what you are asking for.
  • Profoundly respect yourself and others
  • Learn to say “No” with zero guilt
  • Design your own boundaries

The course includes:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques
  • Cognitive Therapy Techniques
  •  Meditations and visualisations on MP3 for your home use (Hypnotherapy, NLP)
  •  Exercises and worksheets
  •  Personal support via phone, private online group or email during the course*.

Warning: You will need to put some effort in between sessions (homework, exercises, meditations) to make this more than head knowledge!

12 WEEKS – Once per week – three month crash course!

12 Weeks (with possible breaks in-between if agreed by the group)

Starting 18th April 2020, Saturday 10h00 – 17h00

Cost: £1500 per person (Early Bird price £1200 if booked by end January 2020 

To register: Use the contact form or call or text Gayle 07788505053