Self Development Workshops

Powerful Workshops for Individuals and Practitioners 

Stop being your worst enemy!

Gain self-confidence and Self-belief.

Understand yourself and others in a profound new way.

Learn how to run your own brain

Therapists! More effectively help your clients!

Would you like to learn the most tried and true principles that really do help you to help yourself? Would you like to be more effective in communicating, relationships and even helping others?

Over the last thirty or so years I have successfully worked with thousands of people and I have learned that there are certain fundamental principles and certain highly effective techniques that if everybody knew and practiced, would change the world!

I would like you to benefit from the learning and experience of not only myself, but the distilled and integrated teachings of the world’s most effective self-help teachers over time.

Many of my clients have asked me to put together a self-development course, and others have asked to learn techniques like EFT for their own use. As a result, I am offering :



Individual Workshops: £165.00 per workshop paid one month in advance.

£145.00 early booking

(Cost Includes lunch)

How to Master your own Brain. Learn about Mindfulness and Use EFT for those thoughts and emotions you find hard to shift. 

  • The brain is incredibly powerful – take control of it or it will take control of you!
  • Learn exactly what Mindfulness is, and what it is not.
  • Why is it so successful in treating mood disorders and how does it work?
  • It isn’t enough to be mindful, we also need to have awareness! change the way you respond to life and literally change your brain!
  • This workshop is equal to level 1 EFT and you will learn how to use it on yourself, friends, family, or add it to your practice tool box). Combined with ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie, the results are remarkable!
  • You will begin to make an outline how you want your life to be, and set your intentions in a way that works for you. Discover your ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ or ‘how’ and embed your intentions at a deep unconscious level.

Personal Growth Workshop

Personality Profiling (I’m not weird, I’m just not you!)

  • How we take in information, process information, and make decisions affects our relationships and communication in profound ways.
  • Why do some people need company while others don’t?
  • Why are some people so difficult to understand or to explain things to? Why do some people just not seem to value your time?
  • Using Myers-Briggs, Motivational Gifts, Love Languages and other personality profiling tools, Gayle will help you to understand yourself and others, and perhaps even like your personal differences!

Fear and Control. (From Disempowered to Powerful)

  • When our lives are based on fear of the future, trying to control what we can’t control, or trying to fix what can’t be fixed, we find ourselves in a Triangle of Disempowerment.
  • Learn what this is, how to recognise when you are in it, and what choices you have to find a way out of it to the ‘Circle of Power’.
  • Learn how to recognise when you are disempowering yourself.
  • Recognise ‘who you are being’ in those times when you don’t feel at your best.
  • Understand the difference between Powerful Acceptance and being a doormat.
  • Recognise what you can and can’t change.

Choices and Decisions (Stop the hamster wheel of your mind!)

  • Knowing how to make choices and decisions is never easy. Most of the time our thinking goes in circles as we juggle various options.
  • The ‘Three Choices Method’ helps you to think clearly and stay present, aware, and consciously responsive instead of chaotically reactive, angry or controlling.

Relationships and communication. (more who are you being?)

  • A method of finding deeper understanding and healing your self-defeating relationship sabotage! Introduction to Transactional Analysis.
  • Do you know when you are being the Controlling Parent? The Wounded Child? Are you being as adult as you think you are being?
  • Time permitting, we will also look at other ‘parts’ of you that sabotage your success or hold you back.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Communication and Conflict Resolution (Mindful listening, Mindful speaking)

  • Building on previous workshops we will continue to build on a basis of Mindfulness, and effective techniques for communicating with awareness.
  • You will learn the difference between direct and indirect speech, language patterns that work and language patterns that hinder communication.
  • How to resolve conflict through mindful listening, and mindful speaking. 
  • Learn the most important NLP communication techniques that work well, and why.

Unmasking the Shadow (Let the frogs out of the box!)

This is a profound workshop and essential for self-esteem and accepting yourself. Self Acceptance leads to ‘other’ acceptance. You may have heard of ‘Projection’ and ‘Mirroring’ or that ‘the world only mirrors back who you are’, or that ‘when you ‘judge others, you are only judging yourself’ – it is all true, and this workshop will explain why and how to recognise yourself in the mirror, accept yourself and let your ‘frogs’ out the box to become princes. (Don’t worry, you will understand exactly what that means on the workshop!). More Information

Boundaries! (Profound respect for yourself and others)

  • What are ‘boundaries’?How do you maintain them, find them, create them?
  • Can you say ‘no’ when you want to?
  • How do you know when you are respecting somebody else’s boundaries?
  • Are you really helping or just stepping on somebody else’s toes?
  • Who is pulling your strings? It may not be who you think it is!

Motivation and Procrastination.(“But I don’t feel like it…!”)

  • Why do we do the things we don’t want to do, and don’t do the things we do want to do?
  • How to stop the cycle and get out of your ‘default’ mode of taking the Path of Least Resistance!

Creating Your Life

  • What works, what does not work/ Do you know what you really want and why you want it?
  • What you think you want may not be what you really want! How can you make it happen – or at least create the possibility?
  • Tapping in to the unconscious, or ‘Higher Power”Intuition and Unconscious awareness





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