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Habits and Addictions testimonials

Hypnotherapy and EFT for Stopping Smoking

“..I would like to send you a sincere thank you for helping me give up smoking from my stop smoking session with you back in May. I have not wanted or craved for a cigarette since – So unbelievable for me!!! My family and friends are absolutely overjoyed as they have been on at me for years now to give up. …. it has changed my life for the better.” Kat B, Surrey

Hypnosis for smoking and alcohol habit:

“I felt so calm and relaxed. I can’t really explain the feeling – I felt like I was floating, and perfectly safe. I haven’t had a cigarette in a month and I now don’t feel I have to drink a whole bottle of wine in the evenings! Also, I was so uptight and angry about something but after Gayle did some EFT the problem didn’t bother me at all!” J.R., Fareham

Hypnosis for Alcohol dependence:

“…… thanks for all your help. I am hardly drinking at all, just as and when in a social situation*. I am now in control of myself, and all is well.” From AM, Portchester

Smoking addiction:

“.. after the EFT bit, the cravings went away immediately. I was well impressed and that was when I started to believe that I could really be a non-smoker, as you suggested. Then you did the hypnotherapy and I was blown away! I haven’t wanted a cigarette since, and that was six months ago! Thanks! The best money I have ever spent!” from LC, Surrey

Therapy for Alcohol dependence

“Everybody has a guardian angel, and you’re it!” VA, Gosport, Hampshire.

Hypnotherapy for smoking:

“I am extremely pleased with the results – I am not smoking three months later and only required the second session for added confidence. I stopped smoking after the first session. I cannot thank you enough!” From Vicki H.

Hypnosis for addiction:

“I have found the sessions I have had have been very, very, beneficial to me. I have achieved everything I wanted to and this testimonial is to a great lady who makes you feel most welcome and comfortable. I would highly recommend her services.” JP, Southampton, Hampshire

Hypnotherapy – Given up Smoking:

I am writing to let you know that I gave up smoking completely on the 15th June. Something clicked in my mind on that day, it was a Thursday and I have not had a cigarette since… so I want to take this opportunity to thank you and I am so glad, I plucked up the courage to see you. I wanted to give up smoking before the age of 60, I gave up at the age of 61 and I am so pleased. Thank you once again. Annie D, Fareham, Hampshire.

Hypnotherapy – Smoking:

Just thought I’d email and say hi and thank you because I haven’t touched a cigarette since I saw you nearly a month ago . yay 🙂 Felt a bit anxious/dizzy a few times but that’s a normal thing, but no cravings really. I am still amazed that its 24 days now ..almost a month . Oh also I must add that I’ve lost 3 pounds in weight!!!! I just don’t feel the need to replace the fag with food ..and don’t eat in the evenings anymore 🙂 Lots of stressful things happening here …(detail removed for privacy)…but I’m coping ok and not reaching for the ciggies …whereas before any stress and I’d go straight for a fag. Anyways i just wanted to let you know that it worked really well and I’m a non-smoker! ..and my dad is listening to the cd daily and has cut down to 10 a day (instead of his usual 30) he doesn’t feel ready to quit for good yet as he has a lot to cope with, but said that once he’s ready he’d love to come and see you and give up the 10 a day!!! Thank you again, J. Hampshire

Therapy for addictive behaviour and self-worth

I went to see Gayle at the end of 2011 after many years struggling with addictive behaviour and low self worth. I have seen many other practitioners but none have had the effect that Gayle has.

In only two sessions she has unblocked all the negative thoughts and just has done something!! that has made me realise that I have been punishing myself for nothing all these years. Less than a week later I am starting to see real differences in my behaviour and attitudes.

Brilliant if you choose one therapist make it Gayle!

Liz Sherlock
Submitted on 2011/11/09 at 8:30 am

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