Emotional Trauma

 Emotional Trauma, Counselling Surrey

Is the past damaging your present?

Do you have painful memories which now interfere with your life and behaviour? If you feel that past events are stopping you from enjoying your life let me help you.

Struggling with emotional trauma affects your confidence and self-esteem, and prevents you from experiencing joy. In turn, a lack of confidence can leave you feeling jealous and insecure in relationships – leading to further emotional trauma!

Healing the past

I have many clients who tell me that they have had years of counselling and thought they had dealt with these issues, but they are still feeling insecure in relationships, filled with rage, have unpredictable moods, or still feel emotional when they remember their past. They are tired of going over the past again and again, and I totally empathise with that!

Whilst healing using talk therapy like counselling or psychotherapy can take place over months, or years,  the techniques I use work in a much shorter time – which of course will vary depending on the person and situation.

Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing, Surrey

Often true healing and growth simply does not happen until there is release from painful memories, past hurts and unhealthy patterns which now interfere with their present attitudes and behaviour.

When you deal with these issues your confidence and self-esteem will improve, your relationships will be so much better, and you will be able to let go of harmful habits and thought patterns.

This healing can take place over months, or years, of counselling, or in a very short time using some of the powerful techniques such as regression, inner child healing, EFT or energy healing.

Much behaviour, such as anxiety, fear, phobias, depression, and have their root in the emotions and are usually caused by one or more ‘trigger’ experiences. Once accessed, the behaviour is easier to understand and therefore deal with.

emotional trauma

In some cases the process is very quick, and in others it may take some time – it really all depends on how many ‘issues’ need to be dealt with. Also, sometimes merely remembering the ‘trigger’ is healing enough, while in others there is some ‘working through’ to be done.

Each case is different, and in most cases the triggers are fairly minor incidents which were interpreted in a certain way by the client’s subconscious mind.

It has to be said that it is not always necessary to find the ‘trigger’ or cause – in many cases (especially when using EFT) the matter can be resolved easily without ever finding the source.