Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

As a specialist in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, I will help you on both the mental and the physiological level.

Anxiety is very often a result of stress and a chemical imbalance – believe it or not this can be made worse by the food you eat!

You know the obvious things that create stress for you: your miserable boss, the critical masses, physical suffering and all those obvious things. Perhaps you already realise how your own negative thinking and beliefs create more stress. But do you take into account that stress chemicals are produced in your body due to lack of sleep and bad nutrition? Most people don’t.

I help my clients to figure out exactly what is creating their anxiety levels, and then we work together on the best techniques to deal with it – permanently, if you stick to the plan.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a brilliant tool that you can learn to use for yourself, along with


Mindful Breathwork

Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis

Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Nutrition, particularly eliminating stress producing foods

What happens in a session for Anxiety or Panic Attacks?

In your first session, I will take a full history and we will work out a plan to help you. I will do some work with you to alleviate your symptoms and show you how to do this for yourself. I will use a combination of EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Breathing and  Relaxation techniques.

It is impossible to say how many sessions you will need, but I will take into account your personal situation and tailor a plan to suit you.

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