Anger Management

Anger Management

Is your anger affecting your relationships, losing you business or making you even more angry at yourself? Do you need help to manage your anger? Let me help you to manage life with calm and powerful intent, and gain respect instead of resentment!

Do you explode at the drop of a hat? Are you always irritable? Generally intolerant?

Do you find yourself yelling and wishing you didn’t ‘lose it’ quite so easily?

Anger, like anxiety and depression, can be caused by physiological (chemical / hormonal / sensitivities) as well as psychological reasons. Not all anger is bad, sometimes need to be angry in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones, but if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you could do with Anger Management counselling or attending a course.

Childhood abuse, unresolved emotional trauma, PTSD, angry parenting or loss are often the underlying cause of angry eruptions. These need to be addressed or they are like mini-volcanos which will erupt when this old ‘buttons’ are pushed. This can be done using a number of techniques, and we will choose the one best suited to you.

Anger Management

People who dislike conflict find themselves over-reacting and exploding, and then beat themselves up because they lost control. Is that you?

I won’t do too much digging into your past if you feel uncomfortable about that – only what is necessary to help you. A brief chat will help me to know whether your angry eruptions are physiological, psychological, or both!

Anger Management Courses and Counselling

Anger Management workshops