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Eckhart Tolle in the Digital Age

This is Eckhart Tolle in 2014! It’s funny and warm – but the message remains and I’m sure it will resonate with you!

The Art of Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing exercise for daily practice. Change your health through breathing.

Mindfulness Course

Unique 8 week Mindfulness Course in Woking and Guildford, Surrey. MBCT based course, with breathing and guided meditations for confidence and health.

Coping with Stress

Mindfulness has been proved The practice of Mindfulness and Meditation actively changes patterns in the brain and enables you to be more in control of your life in general. It is a proven technique to help with anxiety, stress, panic and even OCD!

The Art of Happiness – Thoughts on Being Present

Some beautiful quotes on being present – I enjoyed reading these and being reminded that being present is a fundamental practice in all wisdom teachings and cultures !

Spirituality in Business

Most business people here, it seems are extremely uncomfortable using the word “spirituality” in the work environment, thinking that it means “religion” which can invoke fears of dogmatism and proselytizing in the workplace – but it doesn’t have to mean that at all!